A Guide to Every Type of Yacht Rental

Different types of yachts at anchor

Do you fantasize about spending warm, relaxing days on a luxury yacht? Make your trip or occasion more memorable by spending time out on the water, living like royalty. You can find yacht charters just about anywhere in the world—and San Diego yacht charters are the perfect way to celebrate.  The first thing you’ll want…

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5 Benefits of Renting Out Your Luxury Car With San Diego Prestige

A parked luxury car rental

If you own a luxury car that isn’t your daily driver and are looking for a new way to generate passive income, partnering with an exotic car rental service like San Diego Prestige is a great way to make the most out of your beautiful car.  Here, we’ll discuss what to expect when enrolling your…

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5 Things to Do for Labor Day in San Diego

Group of friends enjoying a yacht charter.

Labor Day in San Diego is one of the best times to visit. The weather’s still warm, the crowds have died down a bit, and there is plenty to do. Whether you want to have a romantic evening with your significant other or invite the whole crew for the ultimate party weekend, America’s Finest City…

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Things to Do in San Diego on Your Next Visit

San Diego is a bucket list travel destination for many vacationers. It has beautiful weather year-round, those enviable beaches, and many opportunities to spend time outside enjoying the best that the city has to offer. From scenic coastal drives to time out on the water, the best things to do in San Diego revolve around…

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Booking a Yacht Charter in San Diego: Top Destinations

A yacht charter in the San Diego marina at the Embarcadero.

San Diego enjoys spectacular weather year-round, making the city a top destination for yacht charters along Coastal California.   If you’re still working on your recreational boating skills, though, it may make more sense to look into a yacht charter in San Diego and have someone else take the lead. From there, the hardest part…

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Booking a Tesla Rental in San Diego

A Tesla rental in San Diego may seem out of reach, but it’s more accessible than ever to take one of the electric cars out for a spin. As more luxury car manufacturers embrace the electric vehicle trend, it will be that much easier to ride that wave and rent electric sports cars no matter…

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Hiring a Chauffeur in San Diego, CA

Hiring a chauffeur may seem like an indulgence, but there are all kinds of practical reasons to do so outside of just wanting a luxe ride from Point A to Point B. Let’s take a look at why people choose to hire a car and driver, how to go about hiring a chauffeur and why…

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Upgrade Your Valentine’s Day with a Luxury Car Rental in San Diego

If you’re looking to make your Valentine’s Day extra special, renting a luxury car is perfect for any special occasion.    Here in San Diego, where nearly every weather forecast lends itself to a beautiful day on the road, gifting a luxury car rental comes down to timing. With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the time…

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San Diego Prestige Under New Ownership

Luxury Car Rental San Diego

While you may be familiar with San Diego Prestige, the yacht, and luxury car rental company, you may be unaware of the change in ownership that happened early last year. The young entrepreneur, Geoffrey Tizon, purchased the company from the previous owner and has big plans for the company’s future. The San Diego native, self-proclaimed…

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5 Luxury Cars You Need To Rent When Visiting San Diego

luxury car rental San Diego Prestige

San Diego is a driver’s city. You can cruise along the coasts, through the mountains and zoom your way down the countless interstates, highways, and back roads. With over 300 days of sunny weather each year, every day is an opportunity to get out and explore the amazing sights and sounds of the region. If…

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