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Yachts – Plan Your Pleasure Cruise

At San Diego Prestige, we pride ourselves on offering our clients access to some of the world’s great luxuries, and our yacht charter and rental options in San Diego !
If you are planning a wedding, bachelor party, bachelorette party, family reunion, proposal, anniversary celebration, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, baby shower or bridal shower, birthday party, wedding rehearsal dinner or a wine tasting event with some of your closest family and friends, you won’t find a better venue than a yacht plying through the waters of San Diego bay. A yacht charter is a unique and exciting way to celebrate a special event or have a once-in-a-lifetime party, and we can assure you that you and your guests will not be disappointed with your rental ! If you’re in need of a yacht charter or rental in San Diego, contact us today to schedule a reservation or learn more about our options – we would be happy to help!
An event on one of these yachts will be something that your guests never forget ! We strive to provide unique and exciting opportunities for our clients, whether they are exotic car or luxury cars rentals, and we believe that our yacht charter and rental options in San Diego meet this goal.
To book your next event and get some more information regarding catering, please contact us today at 858-551-6001 or at!

Cars – Your Dreams are waiting

Welcome to San Diego Prestige, the most dynamic luxury , sports and exotic car rental company serving San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas and the Greater Southern California area. At San Diego Prestige, we have been offering our clientele a slice of luxury at affordable prices since 2004. For starters, we showcase heart-pounding excitement and thrills through our high-end exotic and luxury car rental program.
Some of the most awe-inspiring and luxurious automobiles, including Aston MartinAudiBentleyFerrariPorsche, Lamborghini, MaseratiMercedes and BMW are available for gifts, honeymoons, prop cars, charity auctions, employee rewards programs or just for fun. Whether you are searching for an exotic car rental to spice up a weekend or a luxury car rental for a business trip, we are here for you.


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