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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Sports Car Rental

Everybody who has rented a car before knows it’s not exactly a pleasant experience. You wait in line, get an average vehicle – think of a slightly used Toyota Corolla – and go through a checklist of boring activities, i.e. inspecting the vehicle for any damages, signing waivers, and guaranteeing you’ll either return the vehicle full of gas or pay $100 a gallon. Sports car rentals at San Diego Prestige, however, work very differently. Although the rental process won’t be quite as fun as actually driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Aston Martin, you’ll definitely find it a surprisingly pleasant experience.


The San Diego Prestige Treatment

Here is how we make renting a sports car a breeze and a great time all around.


1) When You Walk In, It’s All About You

When you walk into our showroom, everything is about ensuring your convenience. You don’t need to wait in line, go through agonizing paperwork, or deal with any hassle. Instead, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, take a seat in the lounge, or browse our showroom of luxury car rentals while we sort out the details.


2) It’s All About Choices

Maybe you selected to rent one vehicle, but something caught your eye when you walked into the showroom. That tends to happen when you enter a sports car rental shop. Once again, everything is customer-service oriented. Let’s say you wanted to try out a classic Shelby Mustang 356, but the BMW i8 caught your eye. Don’t worry, we can make that switch for you in absolutely no time.



3) What About Insurance?

You don’t have to worry. If you have full insurance coverage then you’ll be covered to drive one of our vehicles. However, we highly recommend if you have American Express then take advantage of their Premium Car Rental Protection. Check your card features beforehand because this comes standard on the Platinum, Centurion, Reserve, and other choice cards. Best of all, you’ll get additional coverage and extra rewards through using your AMEX card.


4) Additional Drivers

If you are taking out one of our great vehicles, chances are one of your friends may want to get behind the wheel as well. We make that easy for you. All you have to do is list their name on the driver form along with their driver’s license information and they can drive at no extra cost to you.


5) Pick-up and Delivery

In the age of Uber Eats, Amazon Prime, and everything else that can be delivered straight to your door, why can’t your sports car rental? Vehicle delivery and pick-up are available for any of our cars in our inventory. We will deliver/pick-up from anywhere in San Diego county and only a small additional fee for outside the county. Also, you can park your car free in our secured garage during your rental if you want to pick up the car from our showroom directly.


Enjoying the Best Sports Car Rental

By now, it should be obvious that an exotic car rental is a totally unique experience. Everything is designed for convenience for you because we know the most important thing is that you get on the road and start enjoying your amazing ride as quickly as possible. Book your luxury car now, or get in touch to learn more about our rental process.

Ready To Take The Wheel?