What To Do If You Crash Your Sports Car Rental

You and your significant other just rented an exquisite Lamborghini Huracan and are out and about on the town enjoying life. Within an hour of enjoying your weekend ride out of nowhere, you are sideswiped at an intersection. Amidst the chaos and frantic moments you think to yourself, what am I supposed to do? This is a sports car rental, what steps do I need to take? These and plenty of other questions flood your mind. Regardless of who was at fault, there are several actions you need to take to ensure you, any victims, and the car are taken care of. Here is a step-by-step guide to help.


Ensure That Everyone is Okay

First and foremost it is imperative you check to make certain everyone involved in the accident is okay. If anyone is in need of medical attention, call 911 immediately. Although you need to stay at the scene until a police report is made, if you believe there is the potential for either car to explode, get away from the area.


Exchange Contact Information and Take Pictures

Once the scene is safe, you must exchange contact and insurance information with all parties involved. Take as many pictures as possible of each vehicle. Experts recommended you do not mention that you were driving a sports car rental as some may see it as an opportunity to benefit from the situation.


Contact the Sports Car Rental Company

As soon as possible after completing the above steps and any paperwork required from the police you need to contact the sports car rental company. Often, there is insurance information or a sticker inside the vehicle’s glove box with an emergency number. Be sure to gather your belongings if possible and take them with you when leaving the accident scene.



Contact Your Insurance Company

If uncertain, verify your coverage for a rented vehicle. This protection would be under collision and comprehensive sections of your insurance policy. You will also need to check on any deductibles that will be your responsibility. It is common for rental companies to require you have a $500 or less deductible or will expect you to purchase extra insurance before signing the sports car rental agreement. You must inform your insurance company of any additional coverage you have purchased for the vehicle.


Work With Your Insurance Company

Figuring out what you owe, if any and to whom will be determined with the insurance companies. Because there is plenty of fine print in insurance and rental agreements it is imperative you go over everything with your insurance agent. She/he will inform you of your financial obligations to any parties.

Unfortunately, traffic accidents happen. If you are involved in one, it is our hope you find these steps helpful.


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